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Ominous Relict

Punch, Jump, and Sneak your way through an ancient temple in the most exotic corner of the earth as you uncover ancient artifacts that possess mysterious, magical powers.


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The Team

Like all good indie games, the three of us met over the internet.

Mirko and Jurica live in Croatia whereas Jacob lives in America, which of course makes planning Discord meetings inconvenient for at least one of us. We aim to make a game that we ourselves, as gamers, enjoy playing. With pixel art and tastefully bit-reduced audio, we hope to create an experience that is entirely new and yet familiar on a deeply intuitive level.

Mirko Mirusa Gec Sršen


Mirko was the one to first conceive of Ominous Relict. Now he mostly sticks to writing (lots and lots) of code for us, as well as posting dumb memes in our Discord.

Jurica Cvetko


Jurica is the pixel art and animation guru. To his frustration, he is largely in charge of tile sets. Also, he always has some sort of problem with his microphone.

Jacob Charles Ruttenberg


Jacob is the catchall audio guy: sound, music, and voiceover. He is a proud cat owner and is constantly berated for being "overly excited about even the smallest updates."